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The Barcelona based streetwear brand Pull Up Wear was founded in 2005 inspired by the passion for Jamaican music and culture.

The Barcelona based streetwear brand Pull Up Wear was founded in 2005 inspired by the passion for Jamaican music and culture.

Street art, urban music and social-cultural movements are directly related to the brand too. This connection doesn’t only involve design; Pull Up Wear supports artists and musicians and cooperates with a huge number of publications, social initiatives and regular music events like the Boombastic Club or the Bam Bam parties in Barcelona to name a few. It is all about working together and sharing knowledge!

Pull Up Wear’s aesthetic is created by Leggo, a freelance creative graphic designer and illustrator from Barcelona based in Berlin with a long relationship with the Caribbean lifestyle as part of Nyahbingi Sound, one of the longest-living Reggae colectives from Spain, as well as creating artworks for countless parties, concerts and album releases.

We work exclusively with 100% cotton t-shirts, with double seam and high-quality silk screen printing. Our prints are handmade with certified inks in the little town of Celrà, Girona, by Partisano, a collective with more than 20 years of experience printing t-shirts. All our products are environment-friendly. Heavy emphasis is placed on the minimun creation of waste. All our new tees were three times silk-screen printed, on the front, on the back and inside of the t-shirt. In addition they all have a small label hand-stitched at the bottom of the t-shirt.

Pull Up Wear is starting a long journey and from here, we encourage you to get on board and to be a part of this project, which started more than 10 years ago and is now back with renewed energy.

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    Poster tamaño A3 de Pull Up Wear

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    Producto disponible con otras opciones

    The connection between Reggae and Hip Hop is evident. Both genres are united from the birth of Hip Hop in the late 70’s in the Bronx, NYC.

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    T-shirt design based on the Jamaican film Rockers released in 1978. Several popular reggae artists star in the movie, including Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace, Burning Spear, Gregory Isaacs, Big Youth, Dillinger and Jacob Miller to name a few.

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    Our new logotype represents our passion for the Caribbean culture and we didn´t want to miss the opportunity to create a t-shirt that shows this love.

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    Inspired by the words of Bobby Seale, this t-shirt pays tribute to The Black Panther Party for self-defense and hence to all the freedom fighters.

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    T-shirt design dedicated to the legendary Washington´s Hardcore Punk band Bad Brains and their song “Attitude”. Strongly influenced by bands like The Dickies, The Sex Pistols or The Dead Boys, as well as by Reggae music and the Rastafarian movement, Bad Brains played a crucial role in the evolution of Hardcore Punk and their fusion of Reggae. ew.

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